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My name is Chelsey Musante, and I am the owner & primary contributing author for this website. It is my intention to use this space to provide actionable “how-to” information¬†about topics that I am most passionate about in the realm of strength training, nutrition, health science, and psychology.

You may be wondering who I am, so let me give you some context: By day, I am sales leader at the major tech company, Akamai Technologies. But my¬†formal education is in the hard sciences, with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and an advanced degree in Biology. Between 2008-2012, I¬†studied an emerging infectious disease in bats called White Nose Syndrome.

Doing field-based bat research with the PA game commission and my labmates at a mine in 2010.

When I finished, I moved to Boston to conduct research in an¬†HIV/AIDS lab. I did that for about a year before making the jump over to tech sales, which is where I’ve been since 2013. Even though I’m not doing science for my job¬†anymore, the most valuable¬†skill I’ve acquired through those research experiences is the ability to know that I can teach myself. I’ve also learned¬†that my greatest joy is to teach others.

So let’s¬†call out the BIG, PINK¬†ELEPHANT in the room, shall we? You’re probably asking yourself: “What on Earth is this literal bat-shit crazy, tech sales manager¬†doing writing¬†about strength sports and why is she trying to teach me stuff?” (And it’s a great question, by the way.)

What I haven’t told you is that I have more than¬†15 years of experience participating in highly competitive sports, including Gymnastics, Division 1¬†Track & Field, Weightlifting, CrossFit, & Powerlifting. I hold¬†a¬†Division 1 collegiate record in the indoor shotput, which still stands today, 6 years after I set it.

I am also ranked second all-time at Bucknell University for the weight throw and outdoor shotput, and third all time for the hammer throw. In 2014, I was ranked 62 in the NorthEast at the conclusion of the CrossFit Open, missing regional qualification by 2 spots. I made my National debut in Weightlifting at the 2014 American Open, finishing 5th overall in the 75K weight class.

There is¬†so much more that I want¬†to¬†accomplish, but I’ve been dealing with some very grumpy, persistent injuries. My competitive athletic career is on hold right now, but I am still involved in the strength community here in Boston. I hold the secretary position for USAW New England LWC¬†and train with a great group of athletes¬†who compete in¬†Powerlifting & Strongman.

The¬†challenges I’ve faced as a ¬†healthy competitor¬†and¬†as an injured athlete have caused me significant pain over the years, but I’ve always been able to find a way to harness this pain to grow. Whether it’s implementing an anti-inflammatory diet, performing¬†breathing techniques to alkalize blood pH,¬†or understanding the nuances¬†of¬†squat mechanics, I have an insatiable appetite to learn, and an even greater passion¬†to apply and¬†teach.¬†As I mentioned already, my¬†intention for this space is to distill my findings into¬†specific directives¬†for my readers, (you!), which will help you cope with some of the same challenges that I‚Äôve already gone through.

Wow, that was a long fu**ing¬†intro. If you’re still here reading this, you’re probably just as bat-shit crazy as I am¬†ūüėČ